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Swarekha newborn Session

This was a heartwarming and tender photoshoot capturing the first days of a baby's life.


It took place within the first two weeks after birth, when the newborn was still in that sleepy, curly, and angelic stage.


We set up a serene and safe environment, often in our studio with soft props and backdrops. The baby was delicately posed, swaddled in cozy wraps, and photographed with utmost care to ensure their comfort throughout the session. Parents also participated, creating heartwarming family portraits full of love and joy. The photographer's skilled eye captured the tiny details—the little hands, feet, and facial expressions—that tell a beautiful story of new life and the bond between the newborn and their family.


The resulting images were cherished memories, celebrating the miracle of birth and the start of a new chapter in the family's life.

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